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LOST ANGELS : Nikki Denis - For Couples
American porn has seen a few changes in recent times, and one of the better ones is the abandonment of corny plot lines in favour of minimal dialogue, and better camerawork and sex scenes in general. This particular DVD comes from a guy called Michael Ninn, who’s trying to emulate the style of some of the more progressive European studios, with what he calls ‘Art-Core’. There are five individual scenes on this video, with each scene focussing on a particular female star. The first two scenes have a very similar style to each other, with big facials to round them off, while the third is the obligatory all-girl scene. In the fourth, a thickly hung guy makes full use of all available openings on the lady he’s with, while the fifth is a 2M/1F threesome. This is very non-threatening porn, done by Americans in a European style, and would suit those who dislike American porn but find European porn by guys like Rocco Siffredi to be too over the top for them. It’s also an ideal DVD to have on in the lounge when you’ve got that new first-time couple around for the night, and you’re trying to seduce them without scaring them off.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 83 minutes  Click to enlarge
Theme: Mixed
Cat ID: OFLC No. 5216752C
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Spread over five different scenes, and at over two hours running time, there’s quite a bit of action on this tape. First up is a lady in red who demonstrates a very good blowjob technique amongst other things. The second sequence is much more interesting as it features three white girls and a black guy called Mandingo who’s extremely well hung. All the girls sample Mandingo’s huge appendage, but only one of them is game enough to take it anally, and she does eventually manage to accommodate all of him in her back door. The third sequence features two guys and one girl, and at one point in the scene she takes both guys in her pussy simultaneously, before finishing off with a standard DP scene. The fourth scene features two guys, a girl and a female mannequin (I have no idea why), and the fifth and last scene features two women and one guy, with quite a bit of F/F action between the two girls. There’s no real dialogue to speak of during any of the sequences, and it does take itself a bit more seriously than some other tapes from the ‘Evil Empire’ stable, but it’s still good stuff.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 131 minutes  Click to enlarge
Theme: Mixed
Cat ID: OFLC No. 40366508
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This DVD features a series of 5 short scenes from the PRIVATE stable and they all live up to the usual high standard of action we expect from the worlds most professional porn production house. First up is a mini Marquis De Sade type sequence that could have expanded out into a full-scale feature. The second one is basically a standard sex scene while the third is called ‘Double Honeymoon’ and concerns a guy who’s married two women – don’t ask me why. The most interesting of the sequences is the fourth one, which features that old porno staple of a cute wife fucking the visiting tradesman – however, this one is spiced up by the arrival home of the husband and his girlfriend, with an all-in foursome being the end result, finishing up with the plumber cumming in bucketloads over the two girls. The fifth one is unusual in a PRIVATE video in that it’s an all-girl sequence featuring 3 gorgeous women and a collection of toys.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 82 mins  Click to enlarge
Theme: Mixed
Cat ID: OFLC No. 4136640A
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This DVD is the X version of the Hollywood film ‘Cruel Intentions’, in which Sarah Michelle Gellar plotted to have a virginal female deflowered by on of Sarah’s male friends. In that film, Sarah promised the guy that if he succeeded he could fuck Sarah, and stick it in any hole he wanted….aaahhh, Anal Buffy…now, there’s a thought that’ll keep me awake at night with a hard-on. Back to the X version though – same basic plot, except that the acting is pretty bad, which is a pity because the plot isn’t too silly at all. Suffice to say that the young virgin eventually gets seduced (isn’t it amazing how the ‘good’ girls always seem to wear glasses?), and then turns the tables on those who entrapped her. The sex scenes are well done, and will get most people pretty aroused, but the plot ending is pathetic. Not bad filler material though
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 90 Minutes  Click to enlarge
Theme: Story
Cat ID: OFLC No. 41153459
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Transsexual Gangbangers 8 - She Males
I always find the most fun with a tranny DVD to be deciding just who is the least feminine person on screen, so imagine the shock I got when the most masculine person in the first half of this DVD turned out to be the only actual female there – well, at least until she took her clothes off. This DVD splits roughly into two halves. In the first half our four tranny friends are performing a no-holes barred assault on the aforementioned female, while in the second half some poor guy is getting a working over the ‘ladies’. Definitely only for those people who are curious about, or who enjoy, seeing chicks with dicks (and very deep voices in some cases). Also contains a couple of the worst boob jobs you’ll ever see anywhere.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 60 Minutes  Click to enlarge
Theme: Trannysville
Cat ID: 35206
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