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The ‘career retorspective’ DVD is now a staple of the industry with most leading porn chicks doing a ‘Best Of’ at some point. This one is much better than most though. Interspersed throughout the six main sex scenes here (5 historical and one new one), Julie shows herself to be an articulate woman and gives a very informative interview, with lots of background on herself, her career and the clips we get to see. It’s not contrived in any way. The first and second sex scenes both feature fabulous blow-job action showing just how much Julie really likes giving head, and if you’re getting lousy head from your current partner, just show her the second scene which illustrates perfectly how to perform a great suck job. Women who enjoy sex will love this DVD just as much as the guys – there’s some great sex scenes and Ms Meadows is really into it, which is even more of a turn-on. Recommended.
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Theme: Fantasy
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CUM IN MY BUM! - Compilations
Private cuts straight through the crap with this title (in more ways than one). Cum in my Bum delivers exactly what the title promises. Yep folks, it’s classy! When I first saw the title I thought, “Yeah, it’ll be the usual ‘pull it out and spray the spunk everywhere’ cum shots, but no! The title of this DVD is 100% accurate. Lots of anal action with the grand finale of each one being a shot of spunk straight into the back door of these gorgeous women. Vignette one, is about a guy on the subway, he's fantasising about giving two girlies a bum hump that will leave them walking funny for two weeks. And this is just the beginning. Every anal canal is filled to the brim with white spunk, sometimes while another guy fucks the poor girls pussy. An A-Grade compilation.
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Theme: Compilation, anal and DP.
Cat ID: OFLC No. 4316343B
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