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LOST ANGELS : Nikki Denis - For Couples
American porn has seen a few changes in recent times, and one of the better ones is the abandonment of corny plot lines in favour of minimal dialogue, and better camerawork and sex scenes in general. This particular DVD comes from a guy called Michael Ninn, who’s trying to emulate the style of some of the more progressive European studios, with what he calls ‘Art-Core’. There are five individual scenes on this video, with each scene focussing on a particular female star. The first two scenes have a very similar style to each other, with big facials to round them off, while the third is the obligatory all-girl scene. In the fourth, a thickly hung guy makes full use of all available openings on the lady he’s with, while the fifth is a 2M/1F threesome. This is very non-threatening porn, done by Americans in a European style, and would suit those who dislike American porn but find European porn by guys like Rocco Siffredi to be too over the top for them. It’s also an ideal DVD to have on in the lounge when you’ve got that new first-time couple around for the night, and you’re trying to seduce them without scaring them off.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 83 minutes  Click to enlarge
Theme: Mixed
Cat ID: OFLC No. 5216752C
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The DVD opens with a couple checking into Sandalwood, a private sex spa & clinic. She’s a hugely titted blonde looking to explore, while he’s an uptight wanker. The clinic has various classes that encourage mutual masturbation and dildo/vibrator use, which are both done in a very sensual scene, but the clinic mainly encourages couples to play out their fantasies. Thus we get one couple (she a very cute Asian) who want to play with fetish clothes/latex etc, and another couple where his fantasy is to be fucked in the arse by his lady wearing a strap-on! This is a great couples movie, partly because there’s some very useful sexual techniques well illustrated, and also some very unusual stuff such as the strap-on scene and (unusual for an American DVD these days) there’s a fuck scene without condoms where the guy actually comes in the woman. Highly recommended, particularly for couples.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 109 Minutes  Click to enlarge
Theme: Fantasy
Cat ID: OFLC: 601F4712
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